ASAP!   A Stand Against Pop-under ads!

I feel the use of pop-under advertising on the web is invasive and downright unfriendly to users.

I am troubled by the presence of such advertising campaigns on many news sites, portals, and free hosting providers who implement pop-unders on their members' personal pages.  Though I agree that advertising revenue is important, there are other ways to advertise that don't so blatantly assault users.

Sure – there are ways you can block the pop-under ads, and the popularity of blockers certainly reinforces the fact that the ads are annoying. But it's the attitude toward users by those who force pop-under ads upon us that I stand most firmly against.

If you have a website and want to support the ASAP! initiative, save a copy of a support button, put it on your own server and link it to this page.  As an alternative, you may use a simple text link that says "ASAP!" 

This initiative is not a stand against advertising in general, nor is it a stand against website owners who choose to open links in new browser windows – it is specifically against the use of pop-under advertising.

Joe Jenett

ASAP! Initiative launched 9/1/01

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