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You don't start by looking for love. Work on yourself and become the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Then love.

posted by they call me Pigeon Jesus on Sun 11/19/23 at 2102 EST

just saying hello

posted by anonymous guest on Thu 07/21/22 at 1813 EDT

itโ€™s all good

posted by anonymous guest on Sat 09/25/21 at 1121 EDT

just testing something here

posted by joe on Fri 07/09/21 at 0806 EDT

I can't think.

posted by Poorchop on Sun 04/11/21 at 1845 EDT

This was a temporary experiment back in 2001, redesigned in 2020 for fun. Please leave a thought if you like - post a new thought or respond to an old one. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

posted by joe jenett on Tue 12/15/20 at 0651 EST

if our paths should ever cross
would you recognize me by chance?
would my frown give away
everything you know about me?

posted by anonymous guest on Thu 08/23/01 at 1238 EDT

the empty space you find is also in your mind

posted by anonymous guest on Thu 08/16/01 at 1111 EDT

I wandered through my mind until I found you. You blew my mind...that was cool. I thought that I had a thought, but I guess that was as I wander all I find is empty space.

posted by Lenny2 on Wed 08/15/01 at 0555 EDT

Ahh... this is more what I had in mind. Hoping you'll feel free to post a new thought or respond to an old one.

posted by jenett on Thu 08/09/01 at 1615 EDT

We often go to the big city 150 plus miles away - only to run into our neighbors. ;-)) I understand exactly what you mean.

posted by barbara on Thu 08/07/01 at 1527 EDT

So, I'm here this moment and roads meeting at the corner of a wooden fence where lats intertwine are the thoughts I'm left with now. It began with a story of leaving and returning. Flight paths, escalators and long runways mirrored in the ceilings as she said goodbye. A week passed and her return met new thoughts, intersecting continuously without frustration or missing a beat, as memories of a missed rendezvous and false horizons faded away.

If you stop and think about it, life is a maze of intersections. I once ran into someone I hadn't seen for 15 years in an elevator. The funny thing is that it was in a building in a city over a thousand miles away from where I had seen them last. The intersection was apparently a sure thing just waiting to occur.

posted by jenett on Thu 08/06/01 at 1527 EDT

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