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minimal black and white is my new jam (Apr 11, 2024)

it’s newguy in black and white - oh my!Since I revamped my desktop last year, I’ve revised it more than a few times. Playing with graphics is kinda like music to me. It’s a creative outlet that takes my mind to a different place - a perfect distraction!

Well. A few weeks back, I simplified my desktop and love it. I spend hours daily looking at my screens and this minimal b&w look on the main screen suits me well:

a screenshot of my new minimal black and white desktop, which includes a grid background and black and white icons

The icons for Apple’s built-in apps are tucked away in an easy-to-activate palette as changing those icons appears to be disallowed by the operating system. Though activating the palette brings a temporary burst of color to the desktop which looks nice against the b&w, I find myself quickly closing it to maintain the minimal feel (which makes me happy).

Cheers and thanks for visiting!

 (Mar 28, 2024)

The dust has settled. Most of the changes are complete and should be easy to recognize. One change worth mentioning is the move to what I think is a better way to share my music. Btw - I’m grateful you’re here!

The old music player was cool because it allowed continuous listening while browsing. But its script interfered with others and more importantly, it was forcing all external links to open in new windows or tabs. That bothered me - my visitors should control how they browse. You can still listen continuously with the new player and thanks to the change, you’ll notice that my little Web Neko is back up there in the corner. Yay!

time (Mar 7, 2024)

everything fades
with time
lose your soul
you’ll lose your mind

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