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good things are happening (Nov 27, 2022)

Maybe its time to rethink some of these expectations. Maybe we need some of that early internet vibe back and be ok with smaller, closer communities. Maybe we can even get some of the fun back and start exploring again, instead of expecting everything to be automatically delivered to us in real time.

Read this. ๐Ÿ‘

list: Obsidian resources (2) (Dec 6, 2022)

  • Obsidian Full Calendar
    โ€œKeep your calendar in your vault! This plugin integrates the FullCalendar library into your Obsidian Vault so that you can keep your ever-changing daily schedule and special events and plans alongside your tasks and notes, and link freely between all of them.โ€ [SteveLambert]
  • DEVONlink
    โ€œIf you keep your Obsidian notes indexed in DEVONthink, I have just released a new plugin that allows you to open those notes directly from Obsidian, and a companion AppleScript that lets you open your Obsidian notes from within DEVONthink 3.โ€
  • A simple gallery plugin for Obsidian
    โ€œTo help me find my images, Iโ€™ve written a small Obsidian plugin. When I click the little picture icon in the sidebar, it finds all the images in my vault, and displays them in a gridโ€ฆโ€
  • Note Refactor
    โ€œAllows for text selections to be copied (refactored) into new notes and notes to be split into other notes.โ€

(more obsidian resources)

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