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a cool ‘walkie-talkie for the web’ (Jul 17, 2024)

So cool! I’m excited to share this puppy.

Overtalk, made by a web enthusiast named Vasanth

A frictionless peer-to-peer audio chat app for the web that can be embedded in any web page.

Music to my ears! My better half Kim and I tested it yesterday - it works great!

I set up a channel at Overtalk / iwebthings and if it shows I’m online, feel free to give me a literal shout out.

Needless to say, this cool idea inspired me to tinker a bit with the idea of embedding the channel here at the hub.

Though it worked fine in later versions of Firefox, Safari, and Vivaldi, my idea for adding the embedded channel didn’t work in some other browsers, such as the older version of Waterfox I use (because it still has certain useful features that Firefox did away with).

So. I tried a new approach - see the button at the top of the sidebar (or down there on the sidebar if you’re viewing the site on your phone). This new approach is experimental for now. Whether you try the embedded version or the original channel (linked below), you need to allow microphone access to use it.

Say hi if ya like. 😎

Note: Updated 07/17/24, 8:20 AM

Lonita’s Creative Idea of the Day (Jun 12, 2024)

In his late teens, he would sometimes travel from school in Gainesville to home in Miami Beach for the weekend. His BMW had a faring and windshield and was great for the 6-hour trip. He loved that bike!

Sleep-deprived, he headed out one Friday night and ended up falling asleep ‘at the wheel.’

When he came to, he was coasting through a row of trees and regained control.

Life is good.

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 (Jul 8, 2024)

More people are making personal websites today than we’ve seen in a long time. There’s a retro vibe driving it. The web is fun again.

We still have social media. But now it’s decentralized and ad-free, not to mention, more friendly.

The best part is, all of the above lead to more meaningful encounters. For me, anyway.

pain of true emptiness (Jun 24, 2024)

I can’t help but wonder what it’s like to be empty inside. No values. No love. Insensitive.

Seems like that’s gotta be painful.

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