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the fervent march of the mean-spirited (May 20, 2023)

Maybe I listen to too much news.

Angry men concerned with protecting white privilege and keeping women in their place are using their positions in state governments to impose their mean-spirited agenda on the rest of us through legislation - actually, it’s the agenda of the mean-spirited people who put ’em in those positions. It’s ugly.

Maybe we should call it gerrypandering.

 (May 2, 2023)

There’s a bunch of new pots in the webgarden and the button wall keeps growing. If you wanna explore the web a little, go click on a pot or garden to get started and let links be your guide along the way - it’s fun!

And while you’re here, feel free to say hi. Cheers.

new direction (May 1, 2023)

Replacing the dailywebthing linkport and daily pointers
with the dailywebthing archives was a true game changer.

resources:05-01-23 (May 11, 2023)

resources 05-01-23

Typography Manual by Mike Mai
“The guidelines in this manual are solely based on his typographic philosophy and visual judgment.”

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